What is LARP?

LARP (which is short for "live action role-playing") is an adventure game where, instead of playing out your character through a computer simulation or by describing your actions, you act out everything your character does!

NERO uses foam boffers to represent swords, axes, and other weapons.  Small balls of birdseed bound in fabric represent magical spells.   What each does to your character is determined by a set of rules, which, while complex, are easy to learn enough to start playing the game.

Your Character

Your character can be anything you can imagine from a fantasy setting, or at least, he or she will have the potential to become those things.  From lowly peasants to creatures of immense power, the world is open, if you are clever and persistent enough.

We understand that most new players do not have the resources to create a fully-realized costume immediately.  Most veteran players have spent years developing their costumes.  That said, creating a costume that avoids out-of-place items is not too difficult.  There are tons of resources describing how to make simple t-tunics, even using old t-shirts.  Find some plain, dark-colored pants (avoid jeans), and some simple natural-looking shoes, and you are ready to play.